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My Brother // Mi Hermano

My Brother // Mi Hermano

$ 20.00

by Colin Miller 

11 in. x 14 in.

Inspired by  

My Brother // Mi Hermano by Jalen G., Grade 8
Isaiah and I are like day and night.
I love sports and he loves to write.
I'm the cause and he's the effect.
I' the law and he's the subject.
Even through we might not be the same
and we both decide each other to blame,
He is my brother and he is the best.
He 's the one massage that relives all the stress.
He's the person to make you laugh and smile,
and not for a little bit, but for a long while.
There's no explaining how creative he is, like when he said,
"Mix cola and Mentos to explode a whole bunch of frizz."
I'm so grateful to have him as my brother.
He makes everything fun like no other.
He's irreplaceable and different in a special way,
and I'm elated to have him in my life everyday.

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