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Keep Rowing

Keep Rowing

$ 5.00
This collection of student writing from 826CHI's 2016 High School Writers Camp couldn't have come at a more relevant time. Its title comes from a beautiful and timely novella written by a high school senior named Laura, who journeyed with her family from Jalisco, Mexico to the United States, only to arrive and find out that her status as an "illegal alien" would weigh on her and her family. Laura writes, "I'm fighting, though. I'm fighting and patching the holes in the boat. And I'll keep rowing, no matter what." The 15 other original poems, novellas, and masterpieces-in-the-making that fill Keep Rowing's 79 pages are just as evocative, and often just as haunting. From fantasy novellas like "Kaoru" to vocal protest pieces like "A PSA on Scarecrow Men," these high school writers alight on just about everything relevant to their lives — and ours. Within these pages you'll find a fully-imagined script about a missing friend (complete with its graphic adaptation), a chillingly-recalled short story about rumored teacher-student sexual abuse ("Silenced Scandal"), and so much more. Keep Rowing features some of our most impressive student-written work yet, at a time when we need it the most.

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