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Giving Love

Giving Love

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by Jackie Stephan

8in. x 10in.

Inspired by:

Giving Love by Isabella M., Grade 4

I'm offering this poem to you since I have nothing to give you.
Take care of it like a child when it's winter.
Hug it to keep cozy when cold starts to rise.
It keeps you warm
I love you
I have nothing else to give you but 
a pot full of soup. It will keep your stomach heated.
It is earmuffs to wear on your neck, wear on our ears, wear 
over your forehead to tie around your chin.
I love you
Keep it treasured. It's like family, not like an orphan,
lost in the world with no direction. In the
corner of your window, wind is knocking. I'll be wide
open. I will keep you toasty with a warm blanket. Warm yourself.
I love you