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The Girl With Constellations

The Girl With Constellations

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by Audrey Green

8in. x 10in.

Inspired by:

The Girl With Constellations  By Julissa A., grade 4

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved constellations. The girl saw beautiful shapes in the night sky. The girl saw a heart-shaped constellation, a triangle-shaped constellation, and a circle-shaped constellation. The girl gazed at the dark sky and admired the constellations. If that happened, she could have been with the constellations with weeds in her hands. The girl picked up some weeds in her hands because, with the weeds as her wings, the wind would be able to fly her up to the dark sky.

The girl smelled the fresh air that the wind blew. One night, she looked at the sky and saw the constellations out the window, and then she went out of her house and got some weeds. The wind blew her up to the dark blue and black sky with weeds in both hands. When she got up to the sky, she saw everybody's gorgeous constellations. The girl saw heart constellations, triangle constellations, circle constellations, and square constellations.