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Tomorrow's Titans (eBook) [PRE-ORDER]

Tomorrow's Titans (eBook) [PRE-ORDER]

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Tomorrow's Titans: Poetry to Grow a New Future is a collection of poetry and creative writing from 6th graders at Chicago Math & Science Academy. The young poets engaged their imaginations to dream of new worlds, reflect on this one that we all share and deepen their understanding of themselves, each other and what it means to write. Inside these pages is evidence of the radical and transformative qualities of creative play, unfiltered imagination and what can happen when adults willingly get 👏  out 👏  of 👏 the 👏  way

Proceeds from the sale of this book benefit 826CHI, a non-profit writing, tutoring, and publishing center dedicated to amplifying the voices of Chicago youth.

This is a pre-order. Books are expected to ship early July.