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How To Celebrate Poetry Month

April is here and with it comes a celebration of poets and their craft for National Poetry Month! Whether you want to explore the work of other poets, or maybe try writing some poetry on your own, the Secret Agent Supply Co. has you covered.

1. Clandestine Field Notes // 12.99

This notebook is perfect to take on the go, and so, whenever inspiration strikes, you have a place to write.

2. Feather Gel Pen // 4.99

As for what to write with, how about the Feather Gel Pen! You can feel like one of the great poets writing with a quill, but without the hassle and mess.

3. Gathering Voices: Creating a Community-Based Poetry Workshop by 

Marty McConnell

Still need some inspiration? Check out McConnell’s book for writing prompts, poems from a variety of authors, and exercises to improve your writing. Who knows, maybe you will even be inspired to start your own workshop.

4. Odes to Lithium by Shira Erlichman

If you are looking for something new in the poetry world, or just want something modern and different, then Erlichman's work is for you. In this debut, Erlichman confronts stigma around mental illness and offers a unique perspective on what it means to be human.

5. 826CHI Compendiums

Finally, if you want to experience different voices and perspectives, check out any of the 826CHI Compendiums to hear from Chicago’s students in a variety of mediums, including poetry. If you or someone you know wants to get into poetry there is no better time than National Poetry Month!

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