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Introducing the 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Stumped about Mission: Excellent Holiday Gifts For Your Loved Ones?
Not to worry—your secret agents are here.
These lightweight travel essentials will allow the globetrotter in your life to imagine and record their voyages.
Find more suggestions for your world traveler here.
What do you get for the real-life Inspector Gadget? The one who's coaxed your phone back to life from the brink and builds apps for fun? More gadgets!
Find more recommendations for your techie here.
Help the novelist in your life banish writer's block and strike inspiration with these striking holiday finds.
Find more gift suggestions for the novelist in your life here.
All the laboratory essentials and curiosities for your present or future scientist.
Find more gift ideas for your scientist here.
Games and activities to keep the good times and conversation flowing during hours of holiday hibernation together.
Find more family fun here.
Ah, the life-changing magic of cozying up.  Winter is all about cozying up in your knitwear by the fire with a mug of hot tea and a good book, and we don't care who knows it! Here are a few gifts to make the cold more cozy.
Find more cozy gift ideas here!

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